Valentine’s Rice Krispy Treats


Are you looking for quick treat that you can make for Valentine’s Day?  Whether you’re going to a Valentine’s themed party at a friend’s or at your kid’s school, these Rice Krispy treats can be made in less than ten minutes.  Truth be told, we decided to use the pre-packaged bars to see how they would look.  We then whipped up a batch of homemade Rice Krispy treats so we could compare the results.  (You can probably tell in the pictures which ones are which.  Completely transparency…we only used a couple in the photos because they just didn’t turn out nearly as cute as the pre-packaged bars.)

All we did was take white frosting and used it for approximately one third of the bars.  We then added just a drop of red food coloring to the icing to make a pretty pale pink to decorate more of the treats.  Finally we added two drops of red to finish frosting the remaining pieces.  Target has adorable sprinkles in their Valentine’s Day section right now so we had stopped some of those up earlier in the week.  We added sprinkles to the top and viola!  The treats were complete.


Our take…

As previously mentioned, we used both homemade Rice Krispy treats as well as store-bought ones.  While the homemade Rice Krispy treats taste far better than the ones that were purchased, the pre-packaged treats looked far superior to the homemade ones.  We opted to use approximately 2/3 of the recommended marshmallow amount (based on recipe on side of the box).  The hope was that it would make shaping the treats a bit easier because they would be less gooey…and it worked!

Bottom line?  Choose whichever way works best for you at the time.  If you’re in a hurry and need a large quantity, then we recommend using the pre-packaged treats.  If you want to make a fun experience out of this and have ample time, whip up a homemade batch to decorate.  Either way works just fine!


Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Tiffany & Lindsey

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