Oversized Scarves Under $50

Looking out the window here in Raleigh, it seems unimaginable that I am about to write about a winter clothing item.  The sun is shining and there is not a cloud to be seen.  It is supposed to hit 70 degress today so David is heading home a bit early so that we can take Ryan to the flight observation deck at the airport.  We live just five minutes away so with Ryan’s newfound interest in planes, we thought it might be the perfect family outing today.  Despite the incredible spring-like weather, I am certain that winter will creep back in later this week.

One of my favorite go-to winter items is a massive scarf.  There is something about an oversized scarf that adds such sophistication to a look.  They have been popular in Europe for decades, which makes sense seeing as many European women seem to have mastered the art of low-maintenance sophistication.  On days when you feel like throwing your hair up in a top knot and leaving your face makeup-free, simply wrap one of these scarves around your neck and you will look like chic with an effortless feel.

 My favorite place to shop for these scarves is ASOS.  They have so many amazing options ranging from plain colored knits to plaids featuring beautiful color combinations.  The best part about their pieces is that you don’t need to hold out for a sale price.  Their scarves are generally reasonable priced…especially considering how much material is needed for such a massive scarf.   I purchased the one that I am wearing from ASOS last winter so, unfortunately, it is no longer available but I linked a ton of other options below!


(Side note:  This is one of my favorite travel coffee cups…it’s from The Trendy Sparrow!)




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