The Beginning of B&B…

We are often asked how the two of us became friends so we thought a post would be the perfect place to share the story…

Tiffany:  Prior to moving to Raleigh, I had the honor of planning weddings for many wonderful couples.  Wedding planning was such a rewarding job as it allowed me to be both creative and logical.  However, the best part was building relationships and friendships.

Lindsey: I became engaged to David in 2010.  We lived in Raleigh but we were planning on getting married in Charlotte so we began searching for a wedding planner there.  David and I contacted a planning company and drove (the two hours) to Charlotte to meet with the owner.  Soon thereafter, we decided that the company was a perfect fit.  The owner of the company selected the perfect planner for us…that planner was Tiffany!

Tiffany:  From the first moment when I met Lindsey I knew that we would get along.  You know that feeling of “instant friends”?  Well, I had that with Lindsey.  Over the year and half of planning, we built a strong friendship and we didn’t want the actual wedding to be over because that meant we wouldn’t see each other as often.

Lindsey:  It’s true.  As the wedding approached, I grew increasingly excited but also increasingly aware of the fact that my special time with Tiffany would be coming to a close.  We both knew that the friendship would continue but the fact that we lived in different cities was such a bummer.  I remember telling my mom on several occasions that I wished that Tiffany and I lived closer.

Tiffany: Jump to December 2011…two months after Lindsey’s wedding.  I came to visit Lindsey in Raleigh, but that wasn’t the only reason I was in Raleigh.  I had actually met a guy, Rudy, and was coming to spend New Year’s Eve with him.  Before going to his house, I visited with Lindsey.  I mentioned where Rudy lived and it was actually just a short 8 minute drive from Lindsey’s house.  We joked how perfect it would be for this special guy to become my husband and I would move to Raleigh.

Lindsey:  As things became more serious with Tiffany and Rudy she mentioned that she would make the move to Raleigh once Rudy proposed.  I was hoping for that proposal for two reasons.  Firstly, because Tiffany truly deserved her happy ending.  Secondly (and selfishly), I was hoping for that proposal so I could have her just down the street.

Tiffany:  Eight months later, I was moving to Raleigh with a beautiful ring on my finger and plans to be married in March 2013.

Lindsey:  Needless to say, I was beyond excited that Tiffany had relocated to Raleigh!  Having her live less than ten minutes away was icing on the cake.  We started spending a lot of time together and realized that we were both hoping to find a creative outlet.  Because I had experienced a multitude of medical issues during that time, I was no longer working.  Tiffany had made the decision to leave the wedding industry and had accepted a position in the corporate world.  We both were craving something more.  We love fashion, baking, crafts and new experiences so we decided that starting a blog together would be such a fun experience.  Plus, it would allow us to work on our photography skills.

Tiffany:   After leaving the wedding industry there was a void.  Something was missing.  I needed an outlet…a creative outlet.  When we stumbled across the idea of starting Baubles & Backdrops, I was beyond excited.  Not only would this platform allow us to express ourselves, but it meant that we would be spending more time together.

…and that’s how Baubles & Backdrops came to be!   We have enjoyed each and every second of this journey and look forward to the future with you all!


Tiffany & Lindsey


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