A Little Tree for a Little Monkey

Holiday traditions are important in my family.  Because we moved often when I was growing up, the traditions that my mom, dad, brother and I had grew increasingly important.  No matter where in the world we lived, we committed to doing various special traditions such as baking and decorating hundreds of Christmas cutout cookies or my parents gifting my brother and me the Hallmark “Son” and “Daughter” ornaments each year.  In fact, we still receive those ornaments to this very day.  Now, our children receive the grandchildren ones as well.  These are traditions that have become deeply meaningful.

I recently was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for Ryan.  It is my hope that he, too, will feel a strong connection to family traditions as well.  David and I have a small Christmas tree from when we lived in our first home together.  We decided that this would become Ryan’s tree.  This year, I selected stuffed ornaments so that he is safely able to enjoy them and play with them.  He “helped” pick out some of the ornaments.  Once he is older, he will be able to choose a theme for his tree and we can hunt for ornaments that fit within his theme or he can keep the same theme from year to year.  It will be totally up to him.  This, will become one of our family traditions.







We would love to hear what you all do each year!  What are your special family traditions?

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


Tiffany & Lindsey

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