Guatemala Trip

Rudy and I traveled to Guatemala several weeks ago to visit with family (for me, it was the first time meeting a lot of them) and to attend our Goddaughter’s baptism.  Since I had not traveled to Guatemala before, I didn’t know what to expect, however after our 2 week stay, my heart was touched and I witnessed some amazing places.

During our visit we stayed with Vita and Paco (Rudy’s aunt and uncle), who live “upstairs.”  That’s what the call up on the mountain and down the mountain, in the city, is “downstairs.”  Cute, huh?  Well, Vita spoils Rudy and I get spoiled by association..haha!  We were constantly fed and taken care of by his entire family.  Vita’s house was home base, so everyone would come over and hang out.


A small portion of the family

The main purpose of our trip was to be with family, however we did take several small trips.  Our first weekend there, Rudy and I headed off to La Antigua, which used to be the capital of Guatemala, but after an earthquake in 1773, the capital moved to Guatemala City (yep, I learned a little history while I was there!)

The first night in Antigua, we stayed at La Reunion Golf Resort, so that Rudy could play a little golf on this beautiful course. The course was surrounded by volcanoes and while it was too foggy to see the tops of them, we did hear them rumble a few times.  Kinda crazy, if you have never experienced it before.


After golf we drove into the town of La Antigua, which is lined with adorable Spanish colonial buildings.  Here we shopped the market, walked the beautiful streets and toured the ruins of Saint Joseph Cathedral.  Look at these pictures…postcard perfect, right?



After our short trip to La Antigua, we headed back to the city for one night, then we were off again. This time we were hitting the road with family.  Our first stop: Lake Atitlan.  Hands down the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  The lake is surrounded by volcanoes and the water was so smooth that it looked like a mirror.  It was breathtaking!




How cute are they?!


I have to share with you a few pics from the hotel we stayed in here. The grounds were so lush and green.



After one night in Lake Atitlan, we headed to the beach.  By this time, Rudy and I were ready for a relaxing day hanging out by the pool, so it was perfect timing.  We stayed at this beautiful home, thanks to a family friend.  Notice the black sand?  All of their beaches have black sand due to the volcanoes.



The rest of the trip, we spent time with family in Guatemala City, including our beautiful goddaughter.  She loved when Rudy spoke English to her…she just smiled and giggled.


While we were there for 2 weeks, it wasn’t long enough.  There are so many things that we still want to do and now that we have Jimena, we will definitely being visiting more often.

Sorry for the long post, but hope you enjoyed the pictures.



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