Candy Corn Punch

Happy Halloween Eve!

I’m sure you are all getting ready to either pass out candy, take the kids trick or treating or maybe you are prepping for a big Halloween bash.  Regardless of what your plans are for this weekend, we wanted to share this Candy Corn Punch recipe that both you and the kids can enjoy.  Trust us, it is delicious!


Here is what you will need:

Orange Fanta

1 20 oz can of pineapple chunks

Orange Juice (we went pulp-free)


Ice Tray (we had to purchase one b/c we rely on our ice makers)

First, you simply place one pineapple chunk in each of the cubes in the ice tray.  Next, fill each cube with orange juice and freeze.  We let ours freeze overnight to ensure that they were solid. Once the cubes are frozen, place several cubes in your glass.  For reference, we put 4 cubes per mason jar.  You then simply pour Orange Fanta over the cubes and top with Reddi-whip.

We are sure you could add some vodka for the adult version.

We both truly enjoyed this tasty treat and hope you do too.

Trick or treat,

Tiffany & Lindsey

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