Bedtime Baby Gift Basket

One of my closest friends is expecting her first child (a baby girl) next month and I could not be happier for her and her husband.    She’s a lucky gal to be welcomed by two such amazing individuals. This little girl is coming into the world surrounded by immense love and gratitude.

My friend’s baby shower was a couple of weeks ago.  I decided that I was going to make my first attempt at putting together a gift basket.  I figured a theme would help me keep everything cohesive so I settled on Nighttime Routine.  I purchased various items that had to do with a baby’s nighttime routine ranging from bath toys to pajamas.

First, I needed to find a basket to hold everything so I headed to Michael’s.  Within minutes of entering the store I found a white, distressed crate that would be perfect.  They have such an array of cool crates and baskets that are less predictable than the typical brown handled basket.  Before leaving, I also grabbed plastic wrap.  I opted to use this plastic wrap because it said a blow dryer would sufficiently mold the plastic to the gift basket.  Being my first time putting a basket together, that seemed easy enough.

Next, I began placing all of the times I had found (most from the gift registry).  Here are ideas for items that fit into this theme:

Bedtime books (i.e. Goodnight Moon; Llamas in Pajamas)

Bath toys

Bath tub (could even serve as the basket itself)


Shampoo Rinse Cup

Hooded towel

Shampoo; Body Wash; Lotion


Here are the items that I selected…

I am obsessed with anything by Aiden and Anais so I placed these little washcloths into the shampoo cup that she had on her registry.  I also added in the matching hooded towel.   For those of you who are wondering what the heck are Boogie Wipes?  They are saline wipes that are so incredibly soft for tiny little noses.  When a baby has a cold, they are golden.


I found some cute little bath toys and tucked them into the basket.


I added in the body wash and baby lotion that she requested on her registry.


I then added in the items that pertain to bedtime.  I found a cute pair of pink pajamas.


 Barnes & Noble seemed to be the perfect place to find books that fit the theme.  I already knew that I wanted the book, “On the Night You Were Born”.  I read this to my son and continue to tear up every single time.  It is such a beautiful and special book.  I highly recommend it as a baby gift.  I found another bedtime book and picked that one up as well.


Here is the basket before I wrapped it up…

Okay, I bought this shrink wrap plastic thinking it would help the process go smoothly.  Well, admittedly, I didn’t realize at first that the plastic was folded in half so I called my husband frantically asking him to run to Michael’s to get a larger size.  Once I realized the error of my ways, I began the process.  THE NOT SO EASY PROCESS.  Let’s just say that my final product did not look like every other gift basket I have ever seen.  Next time, I will definitely YouTube a video to see how to get the plastic to look neater.  Here is the final product…


Have a beautiful day!



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