Adorable Individual Snacks

We love to entertain and when we do so, we can’t help but try and come up with fun DIY projects.  Sometimes we try and be creative with how we offer silverware or cute ways to serve drinks.  Today, we are showing you an incredibly easy way to serve popcorn (or really most dry snacks).  It’s an adorable idea for summer BBQ’s, back-to-school parties, baby or wedding showers and birthdays.  You only need four materials and about ten minutes to spare.


Adhesive (you can use glue but we prefer Glue Dots)

Cardboard strawberry baskets

Small Doilies

Fun embellishments

The materials...including these colored strawberry baskets from Michael's

The materials…including these colored strawberry baskets from Michael’s

We used these paper flowers that we found at Michael’s but you can be creative and use so many different items…as long as they will easily adhere!


First, all you need to do is adhere your doily to the back of the strawberry container.  We opted to use a single large Glue Dot because we were concerned that regular glue would moisten the doily and that a glue stick would cause it to wrinkle.

Place doily on back of can overlap two or three if you'd like!)

Place doily on back of container…you can overlap two or three if you’d like!)

Next, you just need to place the embellishment on the front side of the container.  Obviously, you can use as many or as few embellishments as you would like.

Step 2.  Place desired embellishment on front

Step 2. Place desired embellishment on front

All that is left to do is fill these babies up with some treats!  We thought that popcorn would be the perfect snack to serve in these adorable little bowls…



We told you that this was ridiculously easy to do.  If you want to add a little pop of color to your party but are swamped with other details and preparations, this ten minute project is a great option!


Happy Entertaining!


Tiffany & Lindsey

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