3 Things on My Mind

1.  I have been obsessing about the fact that my six month old is a terrible sleeper.  My husband and I are exhausted.  He naps so well during the day and is on a great schedule and then nighttime rolls around…he just doesn’t know how to sleep for longer than a few hours at a time.  I’m sick of researching and trying new things that just don’t result in a positive outcome.   How can two parents who love their sleep have a baby who struggles to sleep?

2. I have been thinking a lot about true friendship and how sometimes people seem to enter your life at the perfect time.

3.  Third thing that I have had on my mind recently?  The chocolate cake from Zoe’s Kitchen…I wish they delivered because I would happily eat a piece a day.  I am also glad that they don’t deliver because I could eat happily eat a piece a day.




  1. I hear you on number 1. My first son who is now 3 has always been a terrible sleeper. He still wakes up often and needs our help getting back to sleep. My youngest is 5 months and is back and forth on the sleep thing. So I know what you mean about obsessing over research on sleep. I’ve been in that place for 3 and half years now. But it does get better fortunately. They give you breaks every now and again. Praying you and the hubs get good sleep soon! And thanks for the tip on zoe’s kitchen chocolate cake. Definitely getting that 😉

    • baublesandbackdrop1003 says:

      Hi, Carrie! It really does help to know that I am not alone in this “struggle” and that others have been there…and survived. Ha! I hear so many people talk about their babies sleeping through the night at such an early age and I just have to keep in mind that every child id different. Have a great day!

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