DIY Marbled Glasses

When we saw this project on how to marble glassware using nail polish, we couldn’t wait to test it out ourselves.  We were curious to see if the glasses actually turned out to be as gorgeous as the ones people had uploaded to Pinterest.  We aren’t sure that ours turned out quite as perfectly but we were shocked by how simple it was to create something so unique.  Within minutes, we had transformed standard glasses into beautiful pieces of art.



– Painter’s tape

– Several nail polish colors

– Clear nail polish

– Disposable cup

– Glasses with a flat bottom

– Toothpick

-Nail polish remover




1. Wrap painter’s tape around the lower part of the glass like this…


2. Fill disposable container (wide enough to fit the bottom of selected glassware) with water.  Next, open nail polish bottles.  Begin to drip the polish onto the top of the water, creating a layering effect.


3.  Use a toothpick to gently swirl the colors (working quickly before polish becomes tacky)…


4. Submerge the bottom of the glass into the water for a couple of seconds.  The polish will naturally pull itself onto the bottom of the glass.  Pull out slowly.  You may notice bubbles in the polish once you take the glass out of the water but don’t worry…it is nearly impossibly to keep this from happening.


5.  Allow to dry completely.  (We let ours dry overnight to ensure that they dried thoroughly.)  Once dry, apply a liberal coat of clear nail polish or topcoat.

6. Once clear coat has dried completely, slowly pull of painter’s tape.  If you notice some areas that look a bit messy, you can use nail polish remover to touch them up.

7. Throw a party so you can show off your new glassware!

8. Wash glasses by hand ONLY








We hope that you try this project out for yourselves.  Playing around with the color was so much fun and it was exciting to see how the glasses turned out.  If you are having a get together with a theme, you could even select colors to match.  One important note, MAKE SURE TO ONLY HANDWASH THESE GLASSES.  This will prolong the marbled look.

Wishing you all a fantastic day!


Tiffany & Lindsey

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