Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes

Over the years, I have tried a variety of makeup brushes the ranging from drugstore brands to Sephora’s generic line to MAC brushes.  While the MAC brushes seem to work well, it was difficult to get on board with the high price.  If you are someone who feels that makeup application is an art, it is easy to understand how you could justify the expense and why you would want to use professional products.  I, on the other hand, have no clue what I am doing and apply my makeup in about five minutes.  (My hair…that’s a whole other story.)   Don’t get me wrong, I l am obsessed with beauty products, I just have never learned how to apply foundation and blush properly.  Also, this girl would much rather put the money into a great pair of jeans instead of a $53.00 makeup brush.  Because of this, the hunt to find a modestly priced set of makeup brushes began.

As many of you know, Target carries a beauty line by Sonia Kashuk.  While aimlessly meandering up and down the makeup aisles about a year ago, her makeup brushes caught my eye.  After viewing the price, I decided to grab a buffing brush.  Total game changer.  Have you ever experienced that moment when you flip down your car vanity mirror and  are horrified at how splotchy your foundation appears in the natural light?  I did…almost every single day.  The Sonia Kashuk buffing brush rectified that problem for me with very little effort.  After finishing my foundation application, I simply make circular motions on my face with the brush and finish with a few taps around my hairline.  This helps to blend the foundation (regardless if it is liquid, powered-based or cream) and gives application a more natural look.  I was cursed with larger pores so this technique really helps to minimize the appearance of the pores.  This brush has become one of my most valued beauty tools.

After using the buffing brush for a couple of months, I decide that it was time to try Sina Kashuk’s concerlear brush and foundation brush.  I was pleasantly pleased with both and at under $20 for the pair, I considered the purchase a major success.


These budget-friendly brushes offer a great alternative to those of us who need a bit of assistance with makeup application.  I have found the brushes to be incredibly durable.  I don’t know about you but, personally, I only like to use makeup brushes (especially foundation) for so long.  I do clean them regularly, however, it reaches a point when I just feel like there HAS TO be some residual bacteria.  At such a modest price point, I don’t have to feel guilty replacing my brush ever 6-12 months.

Have you ever tried Sonia Kashuk’s brushes?  If so, what do you think about the products?



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