DIY Gift Bags


There is something so special about receiving a handmade gift so why not make the gift bag as well?  Gift bags can be so expensive so we wanted to come up with some DIY versions. We decided to take simple brown bags and turn them into sweet gift bags with just a couple of steps.  Here is what we came up with…

1.  For the first bag, we used our edger to add detail to the bag and then folded the top of the bag over.  


We then selected 2 complimentary pieces of cardstock and cut them into strips and adhere them together with glue dots.  

DSC_0010 Then we proceeded to fold them over the top of the bag.  


 Next, we stamped a message on a tag and wrapped twine around the entire bag and thread it though the tag and tied a bow.  We were really pleased with the way that this bag turned out.  



2.  To make the next bag, we selected two patterned pieces of cardstock paper and cut the edges with craft scissors.  We then overlapped the pieces of paper and stamped the top one with, “A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.  We had tiny clothespins left over from a different project so we used that to secure the paper.  Super easy, super cute.  

DSC_0005 DSC_0033

3.  To transform the next brown bag we once again used an edger.  (I purchased this one several years ago and cannot tell you how many times it had been used for various projects.  If you enjoy crafting, I highly recommend purchasing one of these.)  

DSC_1048 Next, we cut out patterned paper and glued it to a craft paper tag, added the recipient’s name with individual letter stamps (that have proven worth their weight in gold), and thread string though the tag and wrapped it around the bag.  That’s it!  



 4.  We saved the easiest and quickest bag for the end.  This is a fantastic option if you are in a pinch and need a gift bag but don’t have time to run out and purchase one.  All you need is a stamp, a hole punch, and some twine.  (We both agree that it is insanely handy to always have twine in your home.) 

DSC_0039We folded down the top of the bag and then created our own pattern by stamping all over the bag.  After that, we just hole punched two holes at the top of the bag, looped twine through and tied the twine in a bow.  The End.  Crazy easy, right?


We had a blast making these bags and are already planning to make some additional ones in the future!  


Hope you all have a fabulous start to your weeks!  


Tiffany & Lindsey 

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