Mason Jar Fun

We have all seen mason jars used a thousand ways, but I thought I would share how I used them for a baby shower I co-hosted at work.

My co-worker is having a baby girl (any day now) and she loves the Star Wars movies.  We wanted to keep it girlie but include some Star Wars elements.  For the decor, we decided to incorporate stars….that’s close enough, right?

After several trips to Michaels, I finally had a vision of how I wanted to serve our beverages. We served pink lemonade, also known as “Jedi Juice”.

What you need:

  • Mason jar
  • Fine glitter
  • Glue for the glitter (the type you can roll on works best)
  • Twine/Rope
  • Tags (I chose stars)
  • Straws (if desired)
  • A plate or something to pour glitter on

I first, poured my silver glitter into a plate.

IMG_6768Then, I rolled the glue onto the smooth side of my star tag.  I quickly, put the star into the glitter, glue side down.

IMG_6769You will want to press all edges of the star down into the glitter to ensure the entire surface is covered.  When picking up the stars, be careful not to remove the glitter with your fingers.

Once your stars are complete, use your twine or rope to attach the tags to the mason jar.  Add a cute straw and you are done!

IMG_6780Here are a few more pictures from the shower:

I made the backdrop from streamers…it was super easy. I then hung silver stars to go with the silver stars on the mason jars.

IMG_6798We continued with the Star Wars theme with the names of the treats.  Katherine loved everything!

IMG_6799Happy Monday and may the force be with you!


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