What’s in My Bag?

My sister-in-law recently suggested that we add a “What’s in My Bag” post periodically and we loved the idea!  I cannot guarantee that my items will always be very interesting but I know that I have always enjoyed reading these posts myself.  I did, however, leave out the wadded up five dollar bill, crumpled-up receipts and gum wrapper that have been making a home in the bottom of my bag.

DSC_0782 One item that I never leave the house without is my makeup bag.  This particular bag camoflauge bag is from Madewell..  They always have a cute selection of pouches that are the perfect size to fit in your handbag.

Some of the key items that I carry are my bronzer, a lip gloss and a blush.   My all-time favorite bronzer is the Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder.  It is fantastic because it is absolutely shimmer-free.  I love when makeup lines provide options that don’t make me shimmer like Edward Cullen when the sunlight hits.

My sister-in-law just gave me this Benefit lip gloss for Christmas.  It came in a great neutral palette lip and cheek set.  I texted her days later and informed her that I had a slight problem…I wanted to eat the lipgloss.  It smells SO good.  Also in the set was one of my favorite products that I use…Benetint.  It is a cheek stain that makes you look like you are blushing or flushed.  It gives a little bit of a dewy finish.  This travel size is perfect to keep in my handbag.  Benefit is my favorite makeup line so I am never without several of their products.

DSC_0807 I picked up this nail polish right before I had Ryan and, apparently, never took it out of my bag. I wore this color a ton last year and needed a new bottle.  It is a nice gray-blue color.  The Dior Gel-Shine Laquer is amazing.  It is so shiny and stays on really well.  The brush is phenomenal.  If you do your own nails a lot like I do, you understand how important it is to find a polish with a brush that is shaped well.  I highly recommend these polishes.


I also carry several more utilitarian items.  I like to have hand sanitizer both in my bag and in my car…even more so now that I have a newborn baby.  I always carry an extra pair of contacts. I wear Dailies which means that I wear a new pair every single day.  In the event that one rips or that it has been long day, I can easily switch them out for fresh ones.  Finally, I carry around my Invisalign case.  Admittedly, I am TERRIBLE at wearing the tray as often as I should.  I wear it on my bottom teeth so maybe they will be straight by 2021.

DSC_0810 I am never without a pair of sunglasses.  This Rebecca Minkoff case is incredible because it isn’t bulky so it will fit in almost any handbag.  I purchased these sunglasses on a trip back to Los Angeles last year and have been pleasantly surprised by how often the blue goes with what I am wearing.

DSC_0825 What are your must-have items that you carry around daily?




  1. Oooooooooooo! I LOVE this! What’s in Tiffany’s bag??

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