Halloween Bark


I love baking simple treats but I especially love baking when one of my nieces is at my house helping me out.  I knew that my older niece, who is six years old, was coming to spend the day with me so I began hunting for a fun Halloween project.  I found a picture of Halloween Bark and instantly knew that she would love to make this treat.

Here are the ingredients that we used…



1lb. white chocolate melts

14 Oreo cookies (we added a few extra for good measure)

1 cup of candy corn candies and candy pumpkins

1 cup of pretzels (optional)

20 candy eyeballs

Halloween colored or themed sprinkles

-We ended up finding some adorable gummy mummies and ghosts at Michael’s so we added them into the mix.


1.  First, we covered a baking tray with parchment paper.

2.) Then we scattered broken Oreo pieces, pretzels and approximately half of candy corn on the parchment paper.


3.) Next, we melted the white chocolate melts on the stovetop.


 4.) We then used a spatula to spread the melted white chocolate on top of the Oreo, pretzel, candy corn mixture.  Make sure to coat as evenly as possible.

5.)  While the chocolate is still melted, add the remaining candies and sprinkles on top.  We also added some additional cookie pieces to the top.  My niece LOVED this part because it allowed her to be creative and to improvise.


6.) Place the tray in the refrigerator until cooled completely.

7. Break into pieces and eat, eat, eat!

The final product!

The adorable final product!

This entire treat only took about twenty minutes to complete.  I definitely recommend this for anyone with young children or for anyone who wants to bring something unique to a Halloween party that they are attending!




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